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Illuminate your space with enchanting charm from our handcrafted Candle Collection. Elevate every moment with captivating scents and flickering flames. Embrace the magic today.

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AFROAFRO-African Candle Holder - Andrea's Home
AFRO Sale priceFrom Dhs. 160.00
RAINBOW- Colorful Aromatherapy Candles - Andrea's HomeRAINBOW- Colorful Aromatherapy Candles - Andrea's Home
RAINBOW Sale priceDhs. 13.99
NOVANOVA- Romantic Aromatherapy Candles - Andrea's Home
NOVA Sale priceFrom Dhs. 9.00
GLOWGLOW-Decorative Candle Holders - Andrea's Home
GLOW Sale priceDhs. 110.00
FLOWFLOW-Decorative Geometric Wave Scented Candle - Andrea's Home
FLOW Sale priceDhs. 28.00
FLAMMAFLAMMA-Nordic Ceramic Candle Holder - Andrea's Home
FLAMMA Sale priceDhs. 130.00
FLAME-Modern Ceramic Candlestick Holder - Andrea's HomeFLAME-Modern Ceramic Candlestick Holder - Andrea's Home
FLAME Sale priceFrom Dhs. 55.00
CHIARA-Vintage Decorative Candle Holder - Andrea's HomeCHIARA-Vintage Decorative Candle Holder - Andrea's Home
CHIARA Sale priceDhs. 180.00
AROMAROCKSAROMAROCKS-Scented Dye Block Candles - Andrea's Home
AROMAROCKS Sale priceDhs. 40.00
AROMA RINGSAROMA RINGS-Geometric Circle Scented Candles - Andrea's Home
AROMA RINGS Sale priceDhs. 55.00